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YES, we are open and shipping orders! Orders ship within 2 to 3 business days.

Calm Skin Deluxe Mini Set (6 piece)

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As women age and our bodies change, estrogen starts declining in a way that is very erratic. As a result, our skin may become dry, flaky, thinner and more delicate.

Some women may even develop adult acne on their chin and neck, which is directly related to hormonal imbalance.

This 6-piece Calm Skin Deluxe Mini Set is especially designed to address those hormonal breakouts as well as breakouts related to mask-wearing.

This is a great way to introduce your skin to a complete system to see how your skin will respond, without having to buy full sizes of everything...




Amaranth Gentle Cleanse (2 oz) - enough for 12-15 applications

Tonic Firm and Tighten (2 oz) - enough for 12-15 applications

Vitamin B Hydrating Gel (1/2 oz) - enough for 4-6 applications

Sulfur Clarifying Moisturizer (1/2 oz) - enough for 3-4 applications

Blemish Control Solution (5 ml) - enough for 6-10 applications

Organic Honey Purifying Mask (1/2 oz) - enough for 2-3 applications

Keep in mind that hormonal acne, in particular, isn’t zapped away by topically applied products alone.

Although topical treatments and doctor-prescribed medications are often our first choice of defense, there are other lifestyle choices that also need to made.

We can add solutions that naturally combat acne into our daily regimen. In addition, it’s important to develop an acne-fighting lifestyle. 

READ our post on chin and jawline breakouts here.

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