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We Pay U.S. Ground Shipping on $75+
We Pay U.S. Ground Shipping on $75+

(DELUXE SAMPLE) Vita-A Complex 5ml

$ 20.00

 This deluxe size sample is enough for approximately 5-7 uses.

This is approximately 1/5 the amount of the full size Vita A Complex.

These new airless pumps allow you to refill once it's empty. Great for traveling!

Samples are designed to give you an idea of the texture, scent and skin compatibility, in addition allowing you to test for any sensitivities you may have to any of the ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Smooth skin & faded freckles

This is a great product that got rid of these weird raised little bumps on my skin, maybe from aging? And I am fair and freckle, it gets rid of that too.

Goes on nicely, works asap. The travel size is awesome since you can refill it.

Does not overdry my skin at all.

Love it!

Not sure yet.

I do like that it combines retinol with other important "green" ingredient, like Lotus Moon
does on all their products. After I use this, I moisturize with the Hibiscus Flower Hydrating
Lotion. Not sure yet as to whether it is working for my hyperpigmentation as I've only used
this for less than one month.