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5 Biggest Myths About Aging

5 Biggest Myths About Aging

Everyone is looking for tips to treat mature skin.

First, understand and accept that everyone ages. Aging is not a bad thing. With it comes a wealth of knowledge that can only be achieved through maturing.

Myth #1

If your makeup has SPF, you're covered.


Unless you're slathering yourself and foundation, your coverage is not enough. It is recommended to use at least a teaspoon full of sunscreen on your face everyday.

And always remember to read the label because all sunscreens require that you reapply every 2 hours. Imagine that. Are you going to reapply your makeup foundation every 2 hours? If not... you for sure are NOT getting the protection that you think.

Myth #2

The more you exfoliate, the better.


Though it's important to remove dead cells regularly so your skin will reflect more light (and better absorb treatment products), doing it too often can be so irritating that you won't be able to use other pro-aging products, like retinol.

The ideal: exfoliate just 1-2 a week with cardamon bamboo or wild blueberry.

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Myth #3

Looking "old" is all about wrinkles.


We spend too much time focusing on tiny fine lines that don't have a big impact on our appearance. It's actually the changes in the shape of our face – sunken cheeks, under eye hollowing – that really show aging.

After 40, most women get more bang for their buck with hyaluronic acid, retinol and peptides. If you're going to go the injection route then hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Restylane can help plump up the entire face.

Myth #4

Your face is peeling, so you can't tolerate retinoids.


The redness and itching many people feel when they first add vitamin A based creams or serums to their regimen are all part of the acclimation process. Also, retinoids are often prescribed by a doctor and are much stronger than retinols found in commercial skin care products. To see results you have to persist. If prescription retinoids are too drying or irritation, switch to using retinol-based every third night.

After two weeks, go to every second night, then every night. 

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Myth #5

The older you get, the more foundation you need.


Actually, the reverse is true. As we age, the foundation base tends to settle into wrinkles and lines, which makes the skin look duller. This is especially more noticeable for women over 40, who may have already lost some luminosity as the turnover rate of our skin cells have slowed.

The best bet? Apply a lightweight tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation.

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