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Meet Our Founder

Lake Louise, is the founder of Lotus Moon Skin Care, advanced plant-based skincare powered by results.

Her beauty-wellness company Skin, Mind, Body Essentials, sought to bring a new trifecta to beauty more than 17 years ago: the combination of wellness, beauty and inclusivity. She had a vision that would blend nature and science to enhance the skin’s life cycle. It would also heal and activate the skin and support the natural aging process beautifully.

A lifelong learner and former educator with a master’s degree in education from Stanford University, Lake dug her heels into ingredients and wellness research to launch Lotus Moon Skin Care in 2002.

The brand’s premiere product was Skin Regen, a scar-fading oil that embodied her brand vision of wanting an cleaner alternative to petroleum to help heal the skin after an injury or surgery.

As her product offerings grew she began receiving customer requests for products that would address acne, rosacea and other skin conditions, using safer and more natural ingredients. Always up for a challenge, Lake began researching and developing products that combined plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, blue green algae, and willowherb and combining them with proven clean cosmeceuticals like lactic acid, peptides, retinol and hyaluronic acid to achieve the results women were looking for - without the unnecessary fillers and harmful preservatives.

Lake’s instinct for social equity, paired with makeup artistry certification, led to her next endeavor. She saw the lack of darker brown shades in the green beauty market and Plain Jane Beauty blazed its way onto the green beauty scene in 2011 as the first green beauty brand with inclusivity at its core.

The brand’s first order of business: creating natural, non-toxic and effective darker brown shades with a variety of undertones. Today, Plain Jane Beauty boasts 17 inclusive shades, and counting, for the fairest to darkest of skin. Her uncompromising approach to safe, earth-friendly and sustainable ingredients, packaging and business practices is leaving noteworthy footprints.

In addition to being a Green America certified business, she has received the Trail Blazer Award by Clinical Aesthetics of Atlanta for her career-long commitment to developing safe and non-toxic products. She’s also remained committed to education, serving as a guest lecturer, beauty consultant, keynote speaker and contributing writer, among other roles, as called upon within the beauty industry.

Lake is committed to making her global beauty brands clean and cruelty-free for every generation.

Thank you for being part of this journey!