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Tonics & Mists

Prep the skin for treatment and moisture buy removing cleanser residue with Lotus Moon Tonics. Tonics allow the ingredients to hydrate and penetrate deeper in the dermal layers. Formulated with active ingredients to treat your specific skin concerns.

These natural, organic and active tonics are the final step in the cleansing process as they remove any remaining debris from the surface of the skin to reveal the cleanest skin possible.

Our hydrating, firming and purifying toners should be applied with a cotton round. Lotus Moon toners neutralize pH levels and never rob the skin of moisture or leave skin feeling tight.

Your skin will have so much fun basking in the sheer delight of our new organic tonics and reformulated D20 Hydra Mist!! Creating beautiful skin has never been so much FUN!!

All of our 4oz tonics are packaged in beautiful cobalt blue glass bottles.