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Hormonal Changes

If you’re suffering from dry skin, redness, frequent breakouts due to hormonal changes, then these In-Balance Discovery Kits are a great place to begin.

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For a woman, hormonal changes, as it relates to aging, begin between 38-42 years of age. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule. There are many reasons that changes can begin sooner or later.

The journey to menopause begins when levels of estrogen begin to drop -- peri-menopause -- leading to the end of the monthly cycle.

After 12 months of no menstrual period is the moment menopause begins. It lasts one day. The next day you have entered post-menopause... and oh what a journey it will have been.

This estrogen decline causes an internal hormone imbalance, which is a primary contributor to skin aging. It can be a challenging process involving many rapid skin changes.

Dryness: As estrogen levels decrease, women will experience increased dryness due to decreased sebum (or oil) production.

Dehydration: our hyaluronic acid levels (which keep the skin hydrated) decrease.

Enlarged pores: Pores will appear larger due to weaker collagen and elastic tissue.

Acne: Due to hormonal changes (less estrogen and more testosterone), women may break out during peri-menopause and menopause. As testosterone becomes more out of balance, the skin oil production go into overdrive, producing excess sebum that can clog pores.

We want to redefine this time in a woman's life to be more about vibrant-aging rather than anti-aging. A time we can look forward to.

It is important is to use products formulated in a safe and effective way to address hormonal skin aging.

...and the good news is our Discovery Kits will help hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier and boost collagen stimulation.

Ultimately, menopausal skin can have a little bit of everything going on and it can be confusing and frustrating when there your skin starts to change.

It is possible to address many of your skin concerns in your routine by including products with ingredients that balance the skin and prevent future issues.

Start a good skincare routine that exfoliates, moisturizes and treats to support a vibrant aging journey.