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Customer Reviews

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New Formula for the Win

I have only purchased this product one other time a couple of years ago. I saw that it had been reformulated and decided to give it another try. I’ve been using it just about a week now and already, I am seeing so much improvement in my skin texture and tone. I have had several people both young children and adults on different occasions comment on how young I looked this past week! The only major routine change was adding this night serum to the routine! So I’d say it’s doing it’s job exceptionally well! It’s giving me that Last Dragon-Bruce Leroy GLOW, at almost 43 yrs old and I’m here for all of it!! Lol

This Serum is sensational!

I have tried many products in this line and I have never been dissappointed, they are all great! This eye serum glides on so easily and has improved my dark circles. I use the cleanse, toner, eye serum, moisterizer and a hydrating spray. My face feels pampered every morning...So happy!

Hydrates & Moisturizes with Great Ingredients

I like this moisturizer for the antioxidant properties, and I like that it’s just thin enough to hydrate and be absorbed the skin. My skin is pretty dry, and I like to be very moisturized all day and night, though. So I always top this with the Cherry Blossom Cream, which I have loved since I first used the product in Aesthetics school about 10 years ago. I guess I kind of use the CoQ10 Moisturizer as a slightly thick serum. I think many people would be fine with the CoQ10 alone or with a serum underneath. This combined with the soothing Cherry Blossom Cream as kind of a humectant seems to work well for me. I would like for the CoQ10 Moisturizer to come in a larger container. I feel like the price should come with more product, and I would like to be able to order it less frequently.


Let me say, this is the best way to start with the serums. Just when I think one is my favorite, I try another and fall in love all over again! My skin has absolutely loved these serums. I do think the pear may truly be my favorite though ☺️Oh and that water bottle in my picture below? 🔥


I absolutely love this moisturizer. I have very normal skin yet I am 52 so I’m trying to be mindful of retaining what I have as well being conscious about using great well made products. This fits the bill. Very hydrating. A little goes a long way and my skin has loved the product.

Great Beauty Oil!

I have tried nearly all of the Lotus Moon beauty oils. There are three that I now use regularly, depending on the season and what my skin needs. This is one of my "top three." This oil absorbs quickly and has a very pleasant, earthy scent. I tend to use this oil more in the summer and fall, but also winter when my skin dries and becomes reddened as a result. It is also great for my sensitive, rosacea prone skin. I can see the result as a decrease in redness and inflammation and moist, happy skin. I use this with my "Gua Sha" tool, and I often follow it with Peptide Hydration Water Cream and/or CoQ10 Restorative Moisturizer. I highly recommend this product, or any of the beauty oils. They all have their benefits, and there is an oil for every skin type. Try it - you will be glad that you did!

So far, So Good!

I live in a dry area of the Pacific Northwest where winters can by rough on my skin. I've been using this shea butter on my whole body, concentrating on specific areas of my legs that seem to get some flakiness. This stuff solves that flakiness! It also softens the skin on my hands and makes it look firmer and more youthful. The true test will come in Arizona, where I spend the winters. My skin can look a little reptile like due to the severe dryness of the desert, so I'm looking forward to using it there and reporting on my results. I'm thinking an application of the avocado and apricot oil followed by the shea butter might do the trick.

Impressive Stuff!

I originally bought this mini bundle for my husband who has periodic outbreaks of dry skin and redness on his face. After his first use, the dryness was gone and the redness decreased about 80% overnight. His redness is now barely perceptible and he's looking forward to using it (in the future) on areas of his forehead that are currently being treated for pre-cancerous spots. I wasn't expecting to use these products until I had a facial peel done that my skin did not like. It left me with red spots and areas of irritation on my face. I broke out this kit and used the serum and cherry blossom cream before bedtime. When I woke up the next morning, the inflamed areas looked almost normal. Prior to use, I was trying to let my face recover "naturally," but it was taking too long. I am grateful to have found the serum and creams and will recommend them to my esthetician who is always looking for clean products that help with different skin issues.

Thank you for providing such detail... it's so valuable for others who are curious about how effective it is...

Skin Regen
jess sill
My go to

I’ve been using this for 10+ years
Apparently, I’m pretty accident prone and this has prevented so many of my random injuries from scarring. I used it originally to get rid of an ugly scar and now use it when I have a deep cut that has healed and is going to leave a scar. I always have a bottle on hand. I recommend this to all my friends. If you want to get rid of an old scar, this is the stuff. And I should also add that I tried EVERY scar treatment cream before I found Skin Regen and I haven’t used anything other than Skin Regen since I got my first bottle.

So happy to hear it continues to stand the test of time!
This was the first product we ever created
Thank you for sharing your experience!

Best ever

I have bought and tried so many lip balms over the years, as I have very dry lips and like the feeling of a good balm. Lotus Moon’s Lip Recovery is the absolute best I have found. I have purchased the 4 pack a few times, as it has healed the peeling that was happening on my lips. Thank you for a great product!

As Promised

Lotus Moon is the best body moisturizer I’ve tried yet. Soaks right in & soothes eczema and lasts wherever you need it. Helps when riding my horse & my protects my tender thinning skin.

Super moisturizer

This product is special. I use it as a night cream for my face. The smell is divine! In the morning, I wake up to very soft and fresh skin. I'm looking forward to using it this winter to fight the dry cold air.

Wonderful Cleanser

I read an email from Lotus Moon about changing cleanser seasonally. It made sense to me, so I thought I would try a new cleanser. I read the reviews for this cleanser - it sounded great, and I ordered it without trying the sample first. This is a lovely cleanser. It is light but creamy in texture and has a wonderful scent. It cleans gently and does not strip the oil and moisture from my skin. My skin feels so good after using it that I sometimes feel that I don't need moisturizer afterward (I do use moisturizer anyway). What more could you ask for? Another great product from Lotus Moon.

People don't realize how yummy this cleanser is... it's so divine... especially during cooler months. Thank you for trusting us!

Overnight Skin Revival
Lisa Gabriella Faye
Magic in a bottle

I bought the sample to try, and within 2-3 days I felt and saw a great difference. I couldn’t wait to buy the actual size and use it every night. I’m 43, my skin enjoys reviving with this overnight serum. Every time I put it on, my skin says thank you. My husband has commented saying my skin looks beautiful and to continue whatever I’m doing ☺️. Of course, I used other Lotus Moon skin care, but this is the magic wand I use to honor my goddess beauty nocturnally. I absolutely love this serum, it’s my favorite.

It's so good, right!
Thank you for sharing the details

LOVE this stuff!

The best part about the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is that you can see the difference in your skin as soon as you take it off! It is one of my favorite products from Lotus Moon. It is well worth the purchase.


The daily regime has been very beneficial in brightening and tightening my dry face.

Lip Recovery 4-pack
Jake McKinley
More chapstick-y than I remembered

I had bought this product in 2012/13 and loved how glossy it looked. It made my lips feels moist, hydrated, and less chapped. Now, in 2022, I feel as if it has more of a chapping affect. I still prefer it because of it's natural ingredients and holistic components, but I think (and I'm no chemist) possibly less beeswax in it may make it more of a recovery balm than a chap-stick.


Goes on like silk. I love how it makes my skin feel.

Perfect shea butter

Just 100% pure, smooth shea butter. Wonderful texture. Does feel greasy for a few moments, as does all shea butter, but soaks into my hands brilliantly.

Melts in

Wanted a body creme that was all natural as I have an infant often chewing on different parts of my body. This definitely fits the bill. With the cocoa butter, I do smell a bit like dessert, but only for a moment. This body creme melts completely into my skin and leaves no greasy feeling at all.

Smooth skin & faded freckles

This is a great product that got rid of these weird raised little bumps on my skin, maybe from aging? And I am fair and freckle, it gets rid of that too.

Goes on nicely, works asap. The travel size is awesome since you can refill it.

Does not overdry my skin at all.

Love it!

Sulfur 10 Cream
Loni Mcgackin
Helpful product!

After going to a dermatologist for my rosacea and adult onset acne where I was prescribed several medications (topical and ingestible), I searched for a natural product instead. Those medications came with a long list of potential side effects, way worse than the skin condition itself! I did learn from the doctor, however, that sulfur was a natural option. I found this product and it’s one of few that don’t have toxic ingredients. It’s working well! While it’s only been a week and a half, I’ve seen A LOT of improvements already. So grateful to have found this product! I will definitely be ordering more!

Thick and creamy w/o being heavy

Feels very nourishing & I love the subtle cucumber smell.

lovely texture

Feels good on skin and absorbs nicely. Smells like cucumber.

7 years later, still obsessed!

I've been using Lotus Moon, specifically this vitamin B hydrating gel, the amaranth cleanser, and exfoliator since 2015. These are the best products for my acne-prone skin. I have tried many other moisturizers over the years, and nothing beats this one for me. At 35 I truly love my skin!