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Free Ground Shipping on orders $75+

Customer Reviews

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New Formula for the Win

I have only purchased this product one other time a couple of years ago. I saw that it had been reformulated and decided to give it another try. I’ve been using it just about a week now and already, I am seeing so much improvement in my skin texture and tone. I have had several people both young children and adults on different occasions comment on how young I looked this past week! The only major routine change was adding this night serum to the routine! So I’d say it’s doing it’s job exceptionally well! It’s giving me that Last Dragon-Bruce Leroy GLOW, at almost 43 yrs old and I’m here for all of it!! Lol

This Serum is sensational!

I have tried many products in this line and I have never been dissappointed, they are all great! This eye serum glides on so easily and has improved my dark circles. I use the cleanse, toner, eye serum, moisterizer and a hydrating spray. My face feels pampered every morning...So happy!

Hydrates & Moisturizes with Great Ingredients

I like this moisturizer for the antioxidant properties, and I like that it’s just thin enough to hydrate and be absorbed the skin. My skin is pretty dry, and I like to be very moisturized all day and night, though. So I always top this with the Cherry Blossom Cream, which I have loved since I first used the product in Aesthetics school about 10 years ago. I guess I kind of use the CoQ10 Moisturizer as a slightly thick serum. I think many people would be fine with the CoQ10 alone or with a serum underneath. This combined with the soothing Cherry Blossom Cream as kind of a humectant seems to work well for me. I would like for the CoQ10 Moisturizer to come in a larger container. I feel like the price should come with more product, and I would like to be able to order it less frequently.


Let me say, this is the best way to start with the serums. Just when I think one is my favorite, I try another and fall in love all over again! My skin has absolutely loved these serums. I do think the pear may truly be my favorite though ☺️Oh and that water bottle in my picture below? 🔥


I absolutely love this moisturizer. I have very normal skin yet I am 52 so I’m trying to be mindful of retaining what I have as well being conscious about using great well made products. This fits the bill. Very hydrating. A little goes a long way and my skin has loved the product.

Wonderful moisturizer and perfect for post procedure care

This cream is an ideal moisturizer with 100% clean, safe ingredients. I use it on my rosacea prone skin and it is
perfect and so soothing. I also have used it for irritated skin after laser treatments or chemical treatments for actinic
keratoses.It really helps calm down my dry sensitive skin. The scent alone is therapeutic!

Love it

This is really nice product. It really moisturizes and is easy on my skin!

Gentle and Effective

This tonic has become my automatic next step each morning after washing my face. It works to gently tone my facial, neck and decolletage area. I feel perfectly confident in using this product because of the high-quality and safe ingredients coming from our beautiful planet. It preps my skin to more readily absorb the serum I use each morning as my next step. I wear little to no make-up as a result of using this product in conjunction with my serum. I am a lady in my mid 60's and I feel very confident in my own skin and beautiful as I step out into the world. Although Lotus Moon's products cost more than many, my skin and confidence is so worth it! I am happy to see that we have this brand as a healthy option and that I don't have to worry about getting cancer from chemicals and toxins in some skincare and beauty products.

My baby has eczema and it works well on her skin. No itching and clears her marks.

Hydrates all day

I have tried a few Lotus products and never been disappointed. This is no different! A little goes a long way and it hydrates my dry skin all day long, even during a very dry winter Montana day. This will be my staple moisturizer as my skin at 58, is getting thinner. Love this product.

Best shea butter

I’ve tried other brands, but none compare to Lotus Moon. You can feel the quality.

Papaya Enzyme Mask
Amanda Stroupe
Best Product Ever

I notice such a difference with my pores when I use this product. I have highly reactive skin with mild rosacea and blackheads and some white heads. Oily skin with dermatitis. It’s a mess. I usually cannot use acids due to sensitivity but gave this a try and it’s been a life saver. My skins looks so much better. It’s like a miracle in a bottle. Blackheads reduced by 80% and my skins texture is smooth.

Must Have Skincare Item!

This luxurious masque is a must-have in my skincare routine! I have used this masque regularly since I was in highschool (and now I’m almost 33! 😉) It is well suited to all skin types and issues. It has seen me through from adolescence to adulthood, and through several pregnancies as well, and remains my longest-standing skincare product. I use it at least once a week and it makes my skin feel So. So. Good. after each use. Not only does my skin feel soft and refreshed after using, but it also feels brighter and my pores are noticeably clearer and tighter. Oh also, the smell is heavenly!
I’ve tried various other masques and this is by far my favorite! For reference, my skin is somewhat sensitive, but not too oily or dry, with the occasional hormonal blemish. 10/10 ⭐️

What a great testimony! Thank you!

The honey mask seems like such a simple product but it can do so much for so many skin different types!

My valentines gift…..a real treat

I was lucky enough to be a winner in the Valentines Day give away. I received this and rose oil. I’m 65 and might not have purchased the Cacao Mask, thinking it is more suited for younger skin. I’ve used the mask, followed by the rose oil, twice now. Turns out they are a great combination for my 65 year old skin, making it feel soft and smooth. Until now, I’ve been using the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel twice a week, which I also love. I will continue to use the Pumpkin Peel but will be adding the Cacao Mousse Refining Mask to my skin care lineup.

Goodbye flaky skin

I was searching for a product to cleanse and restore balance to my face-where the skin was looking dry & flaky. It works! Daily use followed by Lotus Moon Skin Boost Peptide Elixir in the evening has also helped my rosacea.


Glad this kit is a option. Been searching for new face care products and its hard to justify sometimes paying for a full size product and it maybe not being the right fit. The sizes of the sample products are small, but a little does go a long way. So far I'm liking how my skin is handling these products and I do see an improvement. I like that it's all natural products. My skin is softer and I can see where some spots have healed. I also like that it came with a step by step how to use each product. I've never been great at knowing when or how much of a product to use and I like that it took the guesswork out.

What wonderful feedback! Thank you for taking the time to let us know your appreciation for including instructions :-)

Papaya Enzyme Mask
April Jones
Love this

So far so good! I feel like this has been such a great addition to my skincare plan. Not harsh at all

Perfect winter serum

I ordered a sample of the hyaluronic serum and have been using it in the morning after washing my face and before applying moisturizer. I love it and am purchasing a full size bottle! My skin not only looks better from the additional hydration (smooth, plump, less creases) but it also feels very soft - softer than with moisturizer alone. I live in a cold winter climate (Vermont) and this will be a perfect addition to my winter skin-care regimen!

Organic Honey Masque
Joanne Van Sickle
Weekly for 10 years

This has been a must have for about 10 years. I never let myself run out. Makes my face so happy. I am 66 years old.

Zaps those zits !

I’ve been using Lotus Moon for 5+ years now. This lotion 1000% works on zapping a zit that’s about to come out. I catch it when I feel an acne pimple coming out - either because it’s red or I feel a small bump. I put the lotus moon on with a Q-tip, and also at nigh and in the morning. And then I put Clearasil over it. It stops the zit from forming every single time. It doesn’t even burn much. I just got my second bottle. Lasts forever. You won’t be sorry !

Hydration Plus!

I've never experienced a night cream that's as intensely moisturizing as this product. Absolutely love the fragrance as well. It's a winner!

Silicone Facial Fan Brush
Jamie Dee Daniels
Silicon brush

I really like this silicon brush for applying masks. Goes on smoothly and cleans up so easily! I love using it! Jdee

Love this Shea Butter!

I came looking specifically for Ugandan Nilotica shea butter after watching a video about why East African shea butter is the best shea butter. This product did not disappoint! I have dry skin and sensitive skin. This shea butter lives up to its name. Melts on my skin just like butter. I’ve tried other shea butters before, but nothing has worked for my skin like this has. Definitely worth the price! When it comes to your skin, you need to invest. I will absolutely be buying more when my jar runs out.

This makes us so happy to read! Thank you for believing in us


Light as a feather! Leaves my under eyes so hydrated and smooth

Doesn’t get Butter than this

I’d tell you a rumor about someone butter but you might go spread it. No, in all seriousness, I Gave it to my wife, she said “you are my butter half”. If everyone owned this product, the world would be a butter place. I see more and more people buying this butter, as it becomes widespread. Just remember folks, you all deserve butter than this.

Thank you for the most creative and funniest review ever! 2023 is going to be so much butter now!

We appreciate you!