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Get a FREE Papaya Enzyme Mask Deluxe Mini (15mL) with $50+ orders. Offer ends 8/14
FREE Papaya Enzyme Mask Deluxe Mini (15mL) with $50+ orders. Offer ends 8/14

Customer Reviews

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New Formula for the Win

I have only purchased this product one other time a couple of years ago. I saw that it had been reformulated and decided to give it another try. I’ve been using it just about a week now and already, I am seeing so much improvement in my skin texture and tone. I have had several people both young children and adults on different occasions comment on how young I looked this past week! The only major routine change was adding this night serum to the routine! So I’d say it’s doing it’s job exceptionally well! It’s giving me that Last Dragon-Bruce Leroy GLOW, at almost 43 yrs old and I’m here for all of it!! Lol

This Serum is sensational!

I have tried many products in this line and I have never been dissappointed, they are all great! This eye serum glides on so easily and has improved my dark circles. I use the cleanse, toner, eye serum, moisterizer and a hydrating spray. My face feels pampered every morning...So happy!

Hydrates & Moisturizes with Great Ingredients

I like this moisturizer for the antioxidant properties, and I like that it’s just thin enough to hydrate and be absorbed the skin. My skin is pretty dry, and I like to be very moisturized all day and night, though. So I always top this with the Cherry Blossom Cream, which I have loved since I first used the product in Aesthetics school about 10 years ago. I guess I kind of use the CoQ10 Moisturizer as a slightly thick serum. I think many people would be fine with the CoQ10 alone or with a serum underneath. This combined with the soothing Cherry Blossom Cream as kind of a humectant seems to work well for me. I would like for the CoQ10 Moisturizer to come in a larger container. I feel like the price should come with more product, and I would like to be able to order it less frequently.


Let me say, this is the best way to start with the serums. Just when I think one is my favorite, I try another and fall in love all over again! My skin has absolutely loved these serums. I do think the pear may truly be my favorite though ☺️Oh and that water bottle in my picture below? 🔥


I absolutely love this moisturizer. I have very normal skin yet I am 52 so I’m trying to be mindful of retaining what I have as well being conscious about using great well made products. This fits the bill. Very hydrating. A little goes a long way and my skin has loved the product.

Love it

I love how great my skin feels after using this. I definitely notice my acne isn’t as bad and if I do get a zit they’re smaller than they used to be. I’ll definitely be buying again.

Gentle and effective!

I have sensitive and thin skin and this product works beautifully for me. It does work well by itself and often I add a few drops of one of the Lotus Moon cleansers. I have been using it for many years now and always have it on hand. Enjoy!


I absolutely love this cleanser. It smells wonderful and gives me the just-right balance between feeling clean but not dry.


A wonderful product with visible results.

Great product

Great product. Gentle on my skin. I use daily and get great results. Highly recommend!


I bought this for my two adolescent boys who have periodic typical adolescent acne breakouts and this is working quite well for them. It's effective enough that they choose to use it and I don't have to remind them it's in the cupboard for them, which means it works very well indeed! They're competitive swimmers, so I appreciate that it's effective without being harsh on their skin, which already spends a lot of time in chlorine and doesn't need any more harsh chemicals.

Hands down THE best!

Stumbled across this company while desperately searching for skin care for my 17yo daughter. After literally trying everything, decided to try this for her. Amazing doesn’t come close. Her skin is clear from acne, finally. I cannot be more thankful for these wonderful products. Life changing. Thank you to the wonderful ppl at Lotus Moon!

CoQ10 Restorative moisturizer

My daughter wanted to try this product so I decided to order it too! We love that it’s not too greasy and a little goes a long way. I use it at night and my skin feels soft and rejuvenated in the morning. I have been using other lotus moon products for a few years now and I have to say my skin glows at 56!!

Wild Blueberry
Tracy Tritten
Gentle but effective

Liked this one. I go back and forth between the pumpkin and blueberry. Both of them are fantastic

Willowherb Serum
Melissa Shaffer
Right Out of the Box!

Just received a bunch of samples I ordered- wanted to immediately write a review to describe how good it smells and it feels really refreshing. I will give it some time to make sure it is effective but my first impression is that it is perfect for summer!

Great Sample Bundle

So far so good! First, you get step by step instructions on how to get the best results when utilizing these wonderful natural skin care products …which is a plus for me. I am a woman of color and have sensitive combination skin and this bundle has my skin feeling balanced and nourished. I’ve been a devoted customer of Lotus Moon for years now and I highly recommend this line of skin care.

Not sure yet.

I do like that it combines retinol with other important "green" ingredient, like Lotus Moon
does on all their products. After I use this, I moisturize with the Hibiscus Flower Hydrating
Lotion. Not sure yet as to whether it is working for my hyperpigmentation as I've only used
this for less than one month.

Quite nice !

This cleanser goes a long way too. It is gentle for sensitive skin and can be used when later
applying serums. Once you use this to cleanse your face/neck, you'll feel it is clean but not
dried out. Again, a lovely scent.

A little goes a long way!

This moisture cream is very light and spreads easily. It has a lovely scent. It is very gentle.
My only "issue" with this is that it is kind of sticky/oily, especially when layered over some of
the serums, etc.

Love this bottle

I love love love this water bottle. It literally helps me to drink more water! Very stylish and the corked lid is very nice to take with me all around the house. Even next to my bed without worrying about spills.

Tonic Active - 2.2 oz
Claudia Osborne
Love Lotus Moon products

After attending Aesthetic school 10 yrs ago and using Lotus Moon products while there, I knew the quality and effectiveness of this product. It is quick at relieving acne and helping to rid the skin of congestion.

A beautiful product

I was looking for a Shea Butter that wasn't hard or unpleasant as I do a lot of facial massage in my work and am very happy I stumbled upon Lotus Moon. This is a soft, rich, buttery Shea Butter, I'll be a return customer.

Vitamin B Hydrating Gel
Jennifer Muchow
Two personal quirks

I was excited to try this moisturizer, which looked perfect by its description. My bad for not trying a sample first. My two issues with gel are just personal preferences, but I can't get past them for long-term use. The first is smell. Maybe its the mint ingredient, but the gel smells like eucalyptus to me and I really don't like that scent. The second is that it leaves my skin feeling tacky all day. One or both of these issues might not bother someone else, but I'm already testing a sample of the Hybiscus Flower Lotion and liking it much more for my mature skin.

Amazing product

I had a patch of skin that was dry, flakey and red. I tried a few different products and nothings really helped. Using the products in this bundle did the trick. The Cherry Blossom Soothe was especially effective at easing the redness and irritation.

I'm a first time buyer. It was highly recommended by a trusted source. It does exactly what is advertised. I can definitely see an improvement in my eye area. I have just recovered from some allergy's and desperate for moisture and calming and irritated skin. I look so much better and I appreciate the quality of this eye serum. Definitely will order again and pass on my success! Great product! Thanks!