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Mother's Day MOMosa Recipe

Mother's Day MOMosa Recipe

For me, mother's day isn't just about giving birth. I consider all women to be mothers in one way or another…

...whether it be biological or spiritual, we are always caring for others and many times that caring includes simply nurturing ourselves.

However, I also want to acknowledge that for many this day can be difficult. For women who want to be mothers but haven't been successful, women who have lost children, or men and women who have lost their mothers - and I want you to know that we see you and our hearts go out to you.

We know the day can be especially difficult for you. We hope you find peace and comfort…

Whatever your plans for this Mother’s Day, we want to raise a glass and toast ALL mothers with this fun and delicious recipe…

We call it MOMosa! It takes the mimosa to a whole other level.

Check out the recipe… 👇🏽


1 oz Aperol
2 oz Prosecco (or other sparkling wine or champagne)
1 oz club soda
crushed ice

For a non-alcoholic version you can use grapefruit juice and ginger beer... it's so delicious!

If you make this please tag @lotusmoonskincare on instagram or facebook.

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ED gIllies - June 25, 2020

That was cool.

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