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Navitgating The Unknown

Navitgating The Unknown


While I continue to make practical preparations for my family and manage our company, I also want to invite you to join me in tending to our inner selves.

I wanted to share a few resources that I find helpful.

These words from a post written by Grupreet Gill titled What If... gave me a different perspective and reminded me of the power of the Universe... of Mother Nature.

In addition to the CDC's necessary safety precautions below are additional things we can do during these trying times.

Limit the amount of news and social media, which can keep us in a heightened state of panic and fear.

Sirius XM has a pop-up channel that is free, that is providing facts not fear when it comes to all things COVID-19, which is important because fear leads to added stress that we don’t need right now. 

Here are some practical things we can do for ourselves:

Stop: touching the face (except to wash and moisturize of course).

Start: 4-7-8 breathwork.

meditation at desk


Breathwork can be an opportunity to relax the constant vigilance and reduce the overall volume of stress we are exposed to.

Practicing the 4-7-8 breathing technique inhaling for four seconds - holding the breath for seven seconds and exhaling for eight seconds can help to ease anxiety. Repeat for 3 minutes.

Meditate 3x a day.

Meditation is not about blocking out the external stresses that touch our modern lives. It's about putting the mind at ease and giving it a break from overthinking.

Here's a series of meditations that may help to balance the nervous system to help you stay grounded in the midst of uncertainty.

You can reference the below guided meditations many times throughout the day and get some relief from panic, stress, and anxiety.

Meditation Guide



It is being recommended to curtail dairy because it creates mucus which can inhibit the immune system. Swap the cow’s milk for a plant-based option like almond, coconut, hemp or flax seed (if you don’t have allergies to any of those, of course).


Consistent wake/bedtimes are usually recommended. Adequate amounts of sleep can make for a stronger, more resilient body especially in times of stress and uncertainty.

I still don’t know what the future holds.

What I do know is that fear causes stress, and stress negatively affects our immune systems.

Being in a state of constant fear can harm us - it can make us think we're getting sick, and it may actually make us sick. 

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle has been my lifelong practice. Lifestyle is the most meaningful and modifiable factor in maintaining strong immunity and resilience toward infections. Which is why it's important to pay closer attention to our lifestyle now more than ever before.

This includes fresh produce (use frozen when fresh not available), immune supportive choices such as adequate sleep and stress management and of course physical activity.  

My favorite way to make sure I’m including enough dark leafy greens in my diet is through preparing green smoothies. Here’s a pdf of 7 of my favorite smoothies.


  1. dry brushing before shower to stimulate lymph flow.
  2. frequently washing hands – including scrubbing under fingernails.
  3. taking vitamin C three times a day
  4. drinking elderberry and lots of water
  5. prioritizing sleep and taking magnesium drops before bed.
  6. Find a way to do 20 minutes of physical activity... even jumping jacks
  7. not panicking! (which is also contagious)


With the 24-hour news cycle combined with social media it’s really hard not to get overwhelmed with fear and panic. Increased stress on the body weakens the immune system. We need our immune system to be as strong and healthy as possible. So along with healthy nutrition, stress relieving techniques are also essential.

The most powerful cure for the feeling of fear is gratitude.

When all seems chaotic, I find just one thing to say thank you for. And then another. And another.

Keep a note pad or journal next to your bed and every morning when you awake, write 3 things you are grateful for. Each morning try to think of 3 new things.


  1. buy gift certificates from local restaurants to keep them going.
  2. offer toilet paper and bottled water to homeless shelters or women’s shelters.
  3. offer a smile, a hello to “strangers’ you come across.

I wish you and your loved ones continued health and abundance and ease. Let's all watch out for each other and work together to flatten that curve!

Hunkering down and focusing on what we can control, and doing our best to not give in to fear.

Keep your dreams alive and do whatever do can do to make them happen even if it doesn't appear to be happening right now. And of course...washing my hands! 

I know we will get through this stronger and with even more compassion for each other and Mother Earth than ever. It’s Newtonian: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and this applies to both physics and business.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it is helpful.

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