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The Powerful Antioxidant You Shouldn’t Overlook

The Powerful Antioxidant You Shouldn’t Overlook

When it comes to antioxidants, it’s important to incorporate a variety of them into our diet as well as our skin care regimen as they are important in combating free radical damage.

One of the most powerful antioxidants and least understood is Co-enzyme Q10 or CoQ10.

To appreciate the value of Co-enzyme Q10 it's helpful to know what it does. Think of your skin as the world, Co-enzyme Q10 is like a Super Hero and the arch-enemy is ‘free radicals’.

Free radical

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are unstable molecules.

Free radicals are formed both naturally by the body, and through environmental stresses like pollution, diet, lifestyle and UV exposure.

The body can handle some free radical activity, but when antioxidants are unavailable, or if free radical production is extreme, damage can occur.

Skin is made of cells of course, and cells are made of molecules. Healthy molecular bonds depend on a balance of electrons. When a weak bond loses an electron, a free radical is formed.

Because they are unstable. They quickly attempt to capture another electron to gain stability. They attack the nearest stable molecule, stealing its electron.

Free radicals steal electrons and distabilize other cells.

When the attacked molecule loses its electron, it becomes a free radical itself, beginning a chain reaction which can destroy living cells - which effects collagen production (the protein that keeps our skin firm and plump).

An important thing to note is that free radical damage accumulates with age.

What Is So Great About CoQ10?

Co-enzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring antioxidant and the cofactor in energy production of the cell. It protects against free radical damage by “donating” one of its own electrons to the free radical, stabilizing the molecule in saving the healthy molecules from damage.

Antioxidants are naturally stable with an odd electron count, so it does not need to “steal” any electrons for itself. You may think the job is done; bad guys eliminated– but our hero is a super agent… Actually, Co-enzyme Q10 is a pro-antioxidant.

Antioxidant donating electron to free radical

A pro-oxidant energizes the and extends the cell the life of skin cells, improving the overall condition. Co-enzyme Q10 is our hero!

It is clinically proven to eliminate free radical activity, thus protecting the skin against accelerated aging, as well as a cell energizer, skin repairer, and anti-wrinkling agent.

Here Is Where You Can Find It

We offer two outstanding products that contain CoQ10.

CoQ10 Restorative Moisturizer

Specifically formulated for dry, mature or devitalized skin. With a rich base of nourishing emollients, this luxurious cream is deeply hydrating. Helps build collagen, protect against free-radical activity and boost to be used as a daily moisturizer for day and night.

Hyaluronic intensive

This serum is formulated to protect the skin from environmental and free radical damage. Alpha Lipoic Acid is both water and fat-soluble, which combat free radicals both inside and outside cell membranes. Vitamin C protects collagen while CoQ10 re-energizes aging tissues.

Used daily under your moisturizer, this serum will boost the skin’s health tremendously.

If you have questions post below or book a virtual consult.

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