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Free shipping in U.S. on orders $75+
Free shipping in U.S. on orders $75+


  • The C Duo

    $ 85.00

    We are very excited to be introducing this innovative and stable form of vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) for the skin. Our skin tissues adore vitamin ...

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  • Gua Sha Instructions diagram
    Amethyst Gua Sha

    Amethyst Gua Sha

    $ 55.00

    Take your skincare routine to the next level.We chose amethyst for its “healing powers” as it is believed to aid in alleviating headaches, insomnia...

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  • Lotus Moon Body Care Trio
    Save 6%

    Body Care Trio Set

    Original Price $ 80.00
    Current Price $ 75.00

    Good things come in 3's... Fun facts: There are 3 bones in the ear. Did you know that?... How about this one: There are 3 body types: Endomorph, Me...

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  • Save 12%

    Normal to Dry Skin Set

    Original Price $ 112.00
    Current Price $ 99.00

    Dry skin feels tight and dehydrated over the entire face, with no oily sheen, a lackluster appearance and a tendency toward flaking and fine lines....

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