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Blemish Control Solution

$ 36.00

"Adult issues with skin problems are such an issue to deal with. It seems that I will always have some kind of pimple pop up now and then. However, this product not only helps clear a blemish, but also prevents new ones!" - JoAnn E.


Having problem skin is actually problematic.

In truth, acne, blemishes and scarring have become more common for women due to hormonal imbalances, diet, lifestyle and stress. Those with oily skin are more prone to blackheads, breakouts and large pores, especially in the T-zone.

When sweat glands produce too much oil, pores become clogged with a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells.

No amount of washing can reduce or eliminate acne. What the skin needs is a solution that can fight and prevent breakouts and renew skin cells.

Our powerful Blemish Control Solution contains three superb ingredients that can get rid of your acne and eliminate your after-pimple blemishes. This acne-fighting solution helps reduce shine, sebum production and provides a long-lasting matte-finish.



Glycolic Acid (5%) – An alpha hydroxy acid that loosens dead skin cells, softens and dissolves debris in the pores. Works with salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of scarring

Salicylic Acid (2%) – Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), provides exfoliation preventing pore clogging and smoothing fine lines/wrinkles, stimulates new cell growth

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)– the biologically active form of niacin, Vitamin B3. It increases the rate of skin exfoliation and increases moisture barrier repair. Studies have shown it to be useful in increasing synthesis of collagen and lipids, inhibiting the transfer of melanosomes and decreasing inflammation; antioxidant that works for aging and acne related issues

Once or twice daily (sensitive skin start with once daily)

After cleansing and toning

Apply small amount to affected area

Follow with moisturizer (we recommend Vitamin B  or High Potency Recovery Gel

Always follow with sunscreen if going outdoors

Aloe barbadensis (ORGANIC Aloe Leaf) Juice, Salicylic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Glycolic Acid, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Atlantic Sea Salt, Lavandula officinalis (Lavender 40/42) Essential Oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Essential Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Gluconolactone.

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