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We Pay U.S. Ground Shipping on $75+

Sun Care

The ideal sunscreen should have broad spectrum protection against both ultraviolet A and B radiation (UVA & UVB) and be made of the only two FDA approved ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are not absorbed into the body.

Unlike chemical sunscreens (oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate) that work by allowing ultraviolet light to penetrate, our sunscreens are 100% mineral-based and are formulated to reflect the sun’s rays. It protects against UVB rays, the rays that burn your skin; and UVA rays, the rays that penetrate more deeply and damage your DNA.

We are often asked if our sunscreen is nano-free.

The answer is a resounding YES!!! Our titanium and zinc are micronized particle size NOT nanoparticle size.

The size of the micronized titanium oxide and zinc oxide used in our formulations is 1 micron or greater (the size of a human hair is roughly 50 microns).

Micronized particle size = 1 micron = 1000 nanometers

Nanoparticle = less than 0.1 microns = 100 nanometers

Nanoparticle minerals will spread on the skin more easily because the particle size is so small and therefore, will not leave as much of a white film. 
Nanoparticle size is not safe, PERIOD! The smallest size that should ever be used is micronized.

Our stance on sun protection is while prolonged sun exposure is damaging to the skin, we consider early morning sun and late afternoon sunshine to be protective.

Remember to apply the sunscreen correctly by rubbing it in your hands first then laying it on the skin, waiting 20-30 seconds, then stroking it on lightly. Sunscreens should never be rubbed in.

Mineral sunscreens take a bit of getting used to because they can leave a white film on the skin. Basically, the white film is what protects your skin and it is where you want it – on TOP of the skin!!!

It takes a few applications to learn how to use minerals so that you are happy with the appearance. Is the extra effort worth it? Is recycling worth it? Many things that are best for us take a bit more time and yes, the effort is worth it.

Plus, Sol Intense spf 30 is fortified with Green Tea and Vitamin E, two powerful antioxidants to help protect against ongoing sun damage. Sol Creme spf 17 (for the face) contains polyphenolic compounds derived from Turmeric Root which quench free radicals and prevent inflammation and Tocotrienols (naturally derived from Palm), which are similar to tocopherols, but more effective at penetrating the skin to provide stronger topical protection against UV and environmental free radicals.

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